Loft Boarding Loft Flooring

We Can Also Assist With Storage Projects For Existing Properties

We have a stock of materials to help transform your Loft Boarding Loft Flooring with extra storage – and we will carry out the work yourself – no overheads. If you are a tradesman and need to convert a loft – then get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

In Addition, We Have The Right Products For Restoring or Rehabilitating Damaged Or Unloved Lofts.

Our value range of wall paint and ceiling plaster relief are perfect for new loft conversions – and we are also well known for our high quality, long lasting adhesives.

We Specialise In Easy To Install And Very Safe Loft Wall And Flooring.

You can let our specially trained team create a unique loft space for you and your family – or you can use our handy online catalogue to plan your loft conversion.

One Of Our Specialities Is Unit Housing Conversions – Especially Within Social Housing,

housing association homes and properties for the homeless. There are many benefits to combining private home ownership with social housing and we can design and manufacture loft furniture to fit in with a local authority’s loft regulations.

Living In a Social House

With new independent secure housing means people have a chance to break the cycle of homelessness. We design loft furniture for a social housing property to support its tenants and ensure that they have a secure, safe, and private home with room to grow and flourish.

We Are Dedicated To Customer Service And Attention To Detail.

You can trust that we will deliver your loft conversion or refurbishment project to a high standard.

If You Are Selling Or Renovating A House

we will help you with the job by helping you find the right material and having the products installed by professionals. We will also deliver the sale of your house if you are willing to sell your house via a scheduled open house.

We have built up an extensive list of jobs

That we can do and we have a great relationship with the best manufacturers in the market. We can deliver loft conversions and loft rooms. We will help you to sell your home – and we can also assist you in buying a new home.

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