Solicitor Marketing

Marketing for Solicitors

We provide a range of marketing, website and ancillary services for solicitors and law firms. 

Whether we provide a website or specifically work on your own brand and domain name we can assist with a range of marketing activities. As such we can help you develop a modern brand that nicely dovetails with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media or Pay Per Click marketing needs.


Our services also include the provision of fully-managed website domain registrations in both .com and


We can also provide all the operations of your website including website design, security, automated WordPress blog hosting, all SSL certificates, search engine optimisation and much more, all with full backup, restore and refresh services.

Commercial Website Building

We also offer tailor-made commercial website building services for those companies and organisations looking for an excellent quality website that we can build using quality templates to suit their own needs and requirements.


Solicitors Marketing should consider sponsorship opportunities that would appeal to their particular client groups and target markets.

If your company or organisation are interested in sponsoring an ad at the top of the page of this website, or on our competition pages, then please get in touch.

We also provide competition sponsorships. Please contact the team at if you are interested.

We also have numerous “display” ad spaces to offer, and possibly sponsorship deals that include online and TV advertising, depending on your requirements.

Or perhaps you wish to have a dedicated landing page created for your business, we can help with that too.


If you are interested in advertising with us, please get in touch.


There are thousands of high quality law-related books and articles on the internet in pdf, or bib and HTML format for anyone to use, including short guides for those persons who have limited or no technical skills, or who want to develop their understanding of legal concepts.

We have a number of informative videos to help further your legal learning experience.

We also have videos that could be useful to lawyers and practitioners, including:

How to build a law practice

How to improve law firm management

International law business

Importing and exporting legal services

Voluntary organisations

Import and Export law

Obtaining a licence to practice law overseas

Preparation for bar exam

The law of protection

All these videos are free for you to use in your publications and promotional material. If you think this is a worthwhile use of your resources, please get in touch with us.

The Essential Guide to the United Kingdom

If you are in the process of setting up a law firm in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, we have published a useful guide for the ease and simplicity of setting up and running a legal practice in the UK.

The ebook has been designed for the laptop or PC with all the books provided in a PDF format, with no need to download a book or the software.

This book is free for you to download and use in your publication or promotional material.

You can download the free eBook here.

If you would like to receive it as a free download in your publication or for promotional purposes, please contact our team.

Legal Information

If you are in need of legal or information, we have a website full of free information for you to explore.

We also have links to useful and relevant legal resources and information that may help with your business needs.

The Legal Information section on our website includes:

Legal Information on our website covers a variety of legal topics including:

Hiring a solicitor to assist you in bringing a case to court

Why getting an Import Licence is required for the import of goods, and other key factors

The qualifications and training that are required to practise law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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